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The Story of Me

Release Date: 2017

Year    :   Forever
By    :   USA
Slogan    :   Never give up
Genre    :   Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller, Action, Horror, Drama
Time    :   142 min. / 2:22
Budget    :   $220 000 000
Age    :   21

Carolin von Petzholdt is known for her films Testing Life (2011) and the The Boom Boom Girls Of Wrestling (2015). Testing Life won critical acclaim in the Film Festival circuit. She has earned her MFA in Acting at University Charlottenburg. Carolin started her acting career in Germany working in Theater 89 with Johanna Schall (Bertolt Brecht's Granddaughter),  Simone Frost and Hans-Joachim Frank. In 2013 she wrote, produced, directed and edited THE BOOM BOOM GIRLS OF WRESTLING (2015) the screenplay of which was inspired by her real life experiences with Women of Wrestling,[1] created by producer David Mclane. The film premiered 2015 at L.A. Live, Regal Cinemas where it won the award for "Best Narrative Feature" in the Woman's Up category and move on to win the Garden Championships. At the Maverick Movie Awards 2014, it won BestSoundtrack for German composer Marco Meister. The movie was nominated for Best Actress: Feature (Melissa R. Stubbs). In 2016  The Boom Boom Girls Of Wrestling won BEST FEATURE FILM at the Los Angeles World International Film Festival and in Cinema New York City Film Festival.   Caroline's Statement: I need to make movies this is my destiny and my true calling. I grew up with lots of TV. I loved films, storytelling and acting. Creating, acting and directing came natural to me. Directing is always a process of a process. I'm stubborn and fierce I like to get stuff done. I make things outside of the systems, I think outside the box. I give myself a deadline and I just do it. I never think about failure while starting a project, I just see the end goal and I go for it. I'm highly talented, creative, motivated, passionate and knowledgeable.  I tell stories form the heart. I want to move people’s emotions, make them laugh, cry, smile, feel! I want to make magic. I embrace the uniqueness within me. I know my strengths & I am familiar with my weaknesses. I know my identity, I know who I’m, I’m a storyteller.

Rating:   IMDb  / 5

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Frank B.

I’ve known Carolin since 2006; as a professional in the television/film industry for 27 years, an individual of her calbire is a rare gem.   She has a tremendous work ethic which is coupled with great integrity.   The number of festivals her films have been accepted to and won awards at attests to her talent; I can also attest to the woman behind the camera.  Please let me know if i can provide more perspective or information on this exceptional young director.


I’ve seen her feature films “The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling” and “Testing Life,” and have found both to be richly imagined and distinctive personal takes on subjects ranging from psychological confusion and artistic determination to tough women taking on the forces stacked against them. They’re both fun, imaginative genre exercises to boot. In addition, Carolin displays a great eye for casting, lighting and composition, applies canny editing strategies and wrote and starred in both films.


I was really impressed with Carolin Von Petzholdt’s movie, honest depiction of the strange isolating world and shady practices of drug companies was very interesting. You can’t help but relate to the main character as you go with her on a journey to leave her lonely life and travel to the destination of her dreams: Los Angeles. A great film by an up and coming filmmaker!

Directors Reel

Carolin has directed 3 feature films “TESTING LIFE,” starring Natasha Berg (Miss Germany)  “LONELY HOLLYWOOD” (currently in Post-Production) and “THE BOOM BOOM GIRLS OF WRESTLING,” starring Melissa Stubbs, Crystal Santos and Andrew Hamrick which premiered 2015 at Regal Cinemas in Los Angeles LA LIVE. Her films has been screened at over 25 film festivals internationally, garnering 13 BEST FEATURE, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST SCREENPLAY, BEST MUSIC and BEST ACTRESS  WINNERS in Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Toronto and Canada.

TESTING LIFE  — FEATURE FILM 2011 completed / Distributor Ytinifini Pictures

Winner for BEST ACTRESS at Toronto World International Film Festival 2017
Winner for BEST FEATURE at Los Angeles World International Film Festival 2016
Winner for INNOVATIVE OVERALL The Grand Jury AWARD  at Los Angeles World International Film Festival 2016
Winner for BEST FEATURE at New York Cinema Film Festival 2016
Winner for BEST FEATURE at Women’s Up International Film Festival 2015
Winner for GARDEN CHAMPIONS at Big House Film Festival 2015

Official Selection at the Toronto World International Film Festival 2017
Official Selection Hong Kong World International Film Festival 2016
Official Selection Artemis Film Festival 2016
Official Selection Los Angeles Cinefest 2016
Official Selection Film Trailer Festival 2015
Nominee BEST ACTRESS Maverick Movie Awards 2015
Nominee BEST SOUNDTRACK Maverick Movie Awards 2015

Winner for BEST FEATURE at American International Film Festival 2010
Winner for BEST FEATURE at Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood
Winner for BEST DIRECTOR at American International Film Festival 2010
Winner for BEST SCREENPLAY at Los Angeles Movie Awards 2010
Winner for BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN at Los Angeles Movie Awards 2010
Winner of Award of Excellence  at Los Angeles Movie Awards 2010
Winner of Award of Excellence  at Canada International Film Festival 2011
Winner of Award of Merit at The Indie Fest 2011  International Feature
Official Selection at the New York City International Film Festival 2011

Carolin is a member at Alliance of Women Directors


Established in 1997, is the only organization solely dedicated to education, support and advocacy for women directors in the entertainment industry. Each member has achieved professional status by having directed at least one long or short-form narrative film, television program, documentary, commercial or new media program that has been recognized by the creative community.